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AI Shows Clinical Utility in Reading Abnormal EEGs, Distinguishing Seizure Types

Interrater agreement between SCORE-AI and human experts was notable, with almost perfect agreement for generalized epileptiform abnormalities and substantial agreement for focal epileptiform discharges, among other findings.

“Its application may help to provide useful clinical information in remote and underserved areas where expertise in EEG interpretation is minimal or unavailable,” senior investigator Sandor Beniczky, MD, PhD, neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist at Aarhus University, and colleagues, concluded. “Importantly, it may also help reduce the potential for EEG misinterpretation and subsequent mistreatment, improve interrater agreement to optimize routine interpretation by neurologists, and increase efficiency by decompressing excessive workloads for human experts interpreting high volumes of EEGs.”


Source NeurologyLive

Author: Neurologica

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