ChatGPT Beats Doctors in Compassion and Quality of Advice to Patients

ChatGPT’s responses were preferred by a panel of licensed healthcare professionals 79% of the time and rated as higher quality and more empathetic than those of physicians in a study that compared their responses to real-world health questions obtained from Reddit’s AskDocs.

The study suggests that integrating AI assistants like ChatGPT into healthcare messaging could improve workflow, impact patient health, eliminate health disparities suffered by minority populations, and assist doctors in delivering higher quality and more efficient care.

Although AI assistants like ChatGPT will not replace doctors, the study suggests that physicians working together with such technologies may revolutionize medicine.
The study was conducted by researchers at the University of California San Diego, who sought to explore the role that AI assistants could play in healthcare, particularly in responding to patient questions.

ChatGPT’s responses may not be as accurate or empathetic as those of human doctors, but the study indicates that integrating AI models into health systems could improve physician responses to patients’ questions and ease the burden on doctors, who are increasingly experiencing burnout due to the high volume of electronic patient messages seeking medical advice.

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Author: Neurologica

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