FDA Approves HoneyNaps’ AI Sleep Disorder Diagnosis Software

The AI-based SOMNUM technology uses diagnostic algorithms based on multi-channel/time series sleep biosignal data to deliver fast, accurate diagnostic information for providers.

The FDA recently approved HoneyNaps’ SOMNUM AI sleep disorder analysis algorithm, a groundbreaking solution for diagnosing sleep disorders. Supported by eXplainable Medical AI technology, SOMNUM employs deep learning to analyze vast amounts of multi-channel biosignals in real-time, surpassing conventional methods. This technology is setting new standards for accuracy and transparency.

Ji Ho Choi, MD, PhD, from Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital, compares this FDA approval to the AlphaGo achievement, highlighting the potential for AI biosignal reading technology to revolutionize the field. Sleep biosignals, including electroencephalograms, electrooculograms, and more, are traditionally assessed through polysomnography, taking hours to interpret. AI promises to streamline this process, though the complex nature of biosignals remains a challenge.


Source NeurologyLive

Author: Neurologica