Google DeepMind AI speeds up search for disease genes

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Google’s AI firm, DeepMind, has harnessed artificial intelligence to detect potential disease-causing changes in human DNA, marking a significant breakthrough.

Researchers claim to have identified 89% of critical mutations, offering a substantial boost to diagnosis speed and treatment research. Renowned scientist Prof Ewan Birney of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory hailed this advancement as a significant stride forward. By examining the sequencing of components within human DNA, the new technique, named AlphaMissense, assesses whether the DNA sequence will produce the correct proteins. This revolutionary system dramatically enhances our understanding of disease-causing genetic regions, raising the classification from 0.1% to 89%. Genetic researchers can now focus their efforts more effectively on previously undiscovered disease-related areas, revolutionizing the field and benefiting patients worldwide. Genomics England, in collaboration with the NHS, has already tested this groundbreaking tool, with experts anticipating a transformative impact on clinical data interpretation. The integration of AI into molecular biology and life sciences is poised to revolutionize research methodologies and outcomes.

Source BBC News

Author: Neurologica