Insights from Rat Vision : Artificial Intelligence at the Forefront

Rats leverage specialized visual neurons akin to “pattern cells” in primates’ cerebral cortex for precise object movement perception. In Prof. Davide Zoccolan’s recent study published in Science Advances, the team explores whether these rat neurons, termed “pattern cells,” address the critical “aperture problem” using artificial intelligence.

The results highlight the resemblance of rat neurons to primate “pattern cells,” emphasizing the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in decoding their functions. Prof. Zoccolan delves into the complexity of estimating object movement direction, underscoring the challenges posed by initial visual neurons with limited receptive fields. The study underscores rodents’ viability as models for understanding human visual functions, with a focus on the significant contribution of artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies.


Source NeuroScienceNews

Author: Neurologica