Machine Learning Uncovers Neural Pathways of Narcissistic Traits

Predicting Narcissistic Traits : A Machine Learning Breakthrough. Narcissism, often linked to pathological conditions, remains a complex puzzle in neuroscience.

Previous studies yielded inconsistent results due to limitations like small participant numbers and outdated methods.

Our study aimed to overcome these hurdles, using cutting-edge machine learning techniques (Kernel Ridge Regression and Support Vector Regression) to predict narcissistic traits. We combined neural structural data with normal and abnormal personality features.

The results were remarkable: a specific neural circuit, including the lateral and middle frontal gyri, angular gyrus, Rolandic operculum, and Heschl’s gyrus, successfully predicted narcissistic traits (p < 0.003).

Furthermore, narcissistic traits were linked to both normal (openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness) and abnormal (borderline, antisocial, insecure, addicted, negativistic, Machiavellianism) personality traits.

Our pioneering study is the first to predict narcissistic traits using supervised machine learning. These findings open up new possibilities for understanding personality traits through neural and psychological features.


Source NeuroScience

Author: Neurologica