Open Access Datasets for Biomarker Discovery in Neurodegeneration

Full Title : A beginner’s guide into curated analyses of open access datasets for biomarker discovery in neurodegeneration


The discovery of surrogate biomarkers reflecting neuronal dysfunction in neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) remains an active area of research. To boost these efforts, we demonstrate the utility of publicly available datasets for probing the pathogenic relevance of candidate markers in NDDs. As a starting point, we introduce the readers to several open access resources, which contain gene expression profiles and proteomics datasets from patient studies in common NDDs, including proteomics analyses of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Then, we illustrate the method for curated gene expression analyses across select brain regions from four cohorts of Parkinson disease patients (and from one study in common NDDs), probing glutathione biogenesis, calcium signaling and autophagy. These data are complemented by findings of select markers in CSF-based studies in NDDs. Additionally, we enclose several annotated microarray studies, and summarize reports on CSF proteomics across the NDDs, which the readers can utilize for translational purposes. We anticipate that this “beginner’s guide” will benefit the research community in NDDs, and would serve as a useful educational tool.

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Author: Neurologica

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