Wearable movement-tracking data identify Parkinson’s disease years before clinical diagnosis

In the new study, scientists analyzed data collected by smart watches over a 7-day period measuring participants’ speed of movement. They found that they could accurately predict, using artificial intelligence (AI), those who would go on to later develop Parkinson’s disease.

Smart watches can accurately predict the development of Parkinson’s disease years before noticeable symptoms emerge, according to recent research. By analyzing data collected from participants wearing smart watches over a 7-day period, scientists utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to identify those who would later be diagnosed with Parkinson’s. This breakthrough could lead to the development of a cost-effective and accessible screening tool for early detection of the disease, enabling interventions before significant brain damage occurs. The study, led by scientists from the UK Dementia Research Institute and the Neuroscience and Mental Health Innovation Institute at Cardiff University, was published in Nature Medicine.


Source MedicalXPress

Author: Neurologica

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