Kids’ Trust in Robots vs Humans: A Study in Selective Learning

This study examined preschoolers’ trust toward accurate and inaccurate robot informants versus human informants. Singaporean children aged 3–5 years ( N = 120, 57 girls, mostly Asian; data collected from 2017 to 2018) viewed either a robot or a human adult label familiar objects either accurately or inaccurately. Children’s trust was assessed by examining their subsequent willingness to accept novel object labels provided by the same informant. Regardless of age, children trusted accurate robots to a similar extent as accurate humans. However, while older children (dis)trusted inaccurate robots and humans comparably, younger children trusted inaccurate robots less than inaccurate humans. The results indicate a developmental change in children’s reliance on informants’ characteristics to decide whom to trust.

Source ResearchGate

Author: Neurologica